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ATC-Web_icon-04The Advanced Therapy Center utilizes neurofeedback in enhancing and treating the brain. With over 25 years of clinical experience in a full range of treatments, our center enables you to achieve peak performance as well as overcome chronic, overwhelming challenges that have often been unresolved by other forms of therapy.


Patients often see dramatic results with the NeuroTherapy Systems that we use.  Many have tried other treatments for years without success.


Common Brain Mechanisms in Mental Illness

This article explores exciting research from Amit Etkin’s lab at Stanford that has found three brain structures with diminished volume […]

ISNR Pre-Conference Neurofield Workshop in Orlando, Florida

Come learn the basics of Neurofield and and gain hands on experience September 16th through 18th at the 24th Annual […]

Gut microbiome of mother found to impact immunity of mice pups

There are more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells- so it isn’t surprising that our microbiota influence biological […]

Neurofield Training! Boot camp in the Bay Area!

October 25 through October 30, 2016
Presented by: Candia Smith, DMH BCN
The Advanced Therapy Center in Association with Neurofield Inc.
In Orinda […]