There are more bacteria in our bodies than there are cells- so it isn’t surprising that our microbiota influence biological functioning from our immune systems to our moods. Here at Advanced Therapy Center we take into consideration each patient’s diets, recommend probiotics when needed, and use Nuerofield’s pEMF Gastrointestinal and Metabolic frequencies to help balance healthy gut microbiota because we know how powerful our microbiota can be!

This exciting new article shows that the gut microbiota of mother mice, that mice pups are exposed to in utero, can have pronounced effects on the development of their immune systems.

“A team of researchers from Switzerland and Germany has found that the gut microbiome of a pregnant mouse can have an impact on the development of the immune system in the pups she delivers.”

“The researchers found that the presence of the bacteria in the mother’s gut during pregnancy did have an impact—the pups had higher levels of a several types of in their own guts (compared to a ), which persisted until after the pups were weaned.”

(Medical Xpress, 2016)

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