The Advanced Therapy Center has an excellent track record of making a difference with clients who have tried other methods and didn’t get the desired results including brain injury, and psychological issues such as substance abuse, anxiety, depression and stress.

Lisa had always been an anxious person but lately it had gotten much worse. She felt unable to move forward in her schooling and was barely holding on to a very simple job. Her finances were in terrible shape and she was in constant conflict with her boyfriend.
A friend she worked with told her about ATC. To help her keep her costs down, we skipped our usual QEEG brain mapping and used NeuroField and four channel Z-score training. She felt almost immediately better! In 15 sessions she was ready to take on her life with enthusiasm.
Mary Ann is a successful partner in a big architectural design firm. She had lost enjoyment of her work overtime as the demands kept piling up for bigger projects. She did not lose her ambition though and through a friend heard of ATC and Peak Performance Training.
She had 11 training session at a twice a week frequency and felt she was managing her stress much better. For a few weeks she came once a week, then every two weeks and then once a month. After 20 sessions she was confident that she knew how to keep her cool, do her job and enjoy her life.
Jimmy was a freshman at a prestigious college. His desire to do very well and the challenges of school were very difficult. There had been some big traumas in his early life and he started to feel like he just could not cope. He was almost suicidal. Luckily his family heard about ATC through a friend. His initial brain map was spectacularly deregulated!
In 13 sessions of Loreta Neurofeedback and NeuroField he was ready to get back to school. He was calmer and thinking positively. An unexpected plus was that he could now write school essays without the agony. He joined student government and worked on setting limits with his traumatic background. His brain map looked much better!
Louis was happy in his retirement pursuing his avocation of painting and getting some professional respect for his work. Then on a sunny day, bicycling near his home someone doored him and down he went. For weeks he was dizzy, had headaches, saw double and couldn’t focus. He was fatigued beyond measure. He did his own research through the internet and found ATC.
13 sessions later he was not only his old self, he felt surer of his memory, was back to riding his bike and pursuing his art.

Issac was living life as a normal teenage, until an accident on a diving board changed everything. After his head injury, he suffered from constant headaches/migraines, dizziness, light sensitivity, and an inability to perform daily activities. Through his own research he discovered ATC. We started treating him slowly with LENS and 4-channel Z-score training. When his energy improved, we progressed to a more targeted Loreta training in combination with Heart Rate Variability. Over the course of a year and with lots of hard work, he made tremendous progress. Headaches improved drastically, normal balance was restored, and performance in school was back on track. He was living life happily as a teenager once again.

Suzanne was an independent business woman living a full life with her beloved husband. Then a fall from horseback lead to a traumatic brain injury. The trajectory of their lives changed forever from that point on. She became an entirely different person solely dependent on those around her. Walking through the doors of ATC she shuffled painfully in, barely conscious and unaware of her surroundings. Her speech was limited greatly, as were her physical capabilities. She spent months confused, frightened, and unable to recognize familiar faces. Through the hard work of the ATC team in combination with her doctors and loving husband, progress began to appear. By the end of 30 Neurofeedback sessions, she was nearing her old self. She had come back to conscious life once again.

Barry had always been a drinker. It had been fun in the old days, but at 54 he had been in rehab three times without success. After a bout so severe he landed in the hospital near kidney failure, a relative told him about ATC. We believe that the hope neurofeedback gave him kept him going through the first month of abstinence. The next month, the neurofeedback helped him reduce his craving to manageable. There were a couple slips along the way, but he kept coming back. When sobriety seemed to be holding well, we began to focus on his underlying anxiety and conflict avoidance with Loreta Neurofeedback.
It’s been nine months now since his last drink. His craving is occasional and mild. He is starting to initiate conversations about the conflicts he has with family and friends. He has reduced his anti-depressant medication and is slowly working on reducing it further in pursuit of feeling more of the ups and downs in life.
Miguel had been epileptic as a child and took medication for years. However he grew out of the grand mal seizures and was able to stop taking medication in adolescence. He still had a myoclonic problem in his arms that made him jerk when he reached out for things at times. This was a big problem in his work on keyboards all day. It made him terribly self-conscious and anxious too.
He had seen at least four other neurofeedback practitioners before he came to ATC. His treatment was not fast, but he did see steady improvements. We would try something new every time he reached a plateau with a protocol. We worked with him for a year and a half and not only did the jerks diminish to negligible, his anxiety reduced enough for him to court and marry a wonderful woman.
Larry wanted to boost his career up the ladder. The job was demanding and he had to keep on top of quickly changing situations. He was good at it, but wanted to be even better. He did his own research on-line and found ATC. He’d come for a session or three and then cruise on that for a time, feeling more confident. He did that a few times with months in between. Then he’d come for just one session before big meetings. When we last saw him he was very satisfied with his job performance and the position he had attained.
Victoria had struggled with insomnia for decades. She was frustrated and unhappy that the only sleep she could obtain was through the use of powerful pharmaceutical medications. Sleeping only a couple hours a night began to affect her quality of life, and relationships with family members. Upon the suggestion of a colleague she walked into the doors of ATC. Once we analyzed the data in her QEEG, it was clear where her sleep issues were coming from. We tackled her issues head on with Loreta training. Over the course of 40 sessions, her difficulties with sleep began to disappear along with her need for medication. She has now re-established a healthy sleep cycle for which she is very grateful for.
That Guy was highly intelligent, multi-business owning, and capable individual. Unfortunately, his past trauma history was impacting almost every aspect of his daily life. He was unable to get through the day without intense panic attacks. These would result in him spending upwards of an hour crying under his desk at work. When these issues became unbearable, he walked into the doors of ATC. With a QEEG we were able to determine the areas of his brain impacted by current panic attacks and past traumatic history. We determined that the best results for his personal story would be achieved through EMDR and tACS. The EMDR helped allow That Guy to reprocess traumatic events in a safe and effective matter. Through the used of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS), we were able to reset the Autonomic Nervous System of our patient. Traumatic flashbacks and intensive panic attacks began to disappear. He no longer experiences the anxiety that formerly ruled his life. He expresses great amounts of gratitude to Dr. Smith and the ATC team.

Paige was raised in an alcoholic family unaware of the consequences they would have on her as she grew older. Upon turning 14 depression and anxiety began to run her life. She struggled with these issues for nearly 10 years, until she found ATC. With Dr. Smith’s help, she began to peel back the layers of depression and anxiety that covered her. Underneath she found childhood trauma to be the underlying cause of most of her issues. Through much hard work with EMDR, Loreta training, and LENS, things inside Paige began to shift. Peace and happiness have returned to her young life.

“He was able to move on and set limits with the people he loved enough to take care of himself…”