Barry had always been a drinker. It had been fun in the old days, but at 54 he had been in rehab three times without success. After a bout so severe he landed in the hospital near kidney failure, a relative told him about ATC. We believe that the hope neurofeedback gave him kept him going through the first month of abstinence. The next month, the neurofeedback helped him reduce his craving to manageable. There were a couple slips along the way, but he kept coming back. When sobriety seemed to be holding well, we began to focus on his underlying anxiety and conflict avoidance with Loreta Neurofeedback.

It’s been nine months now since his last drink. His craving is occasional and mild. He is starting to initiate conversations about the conflicts he has with family and friends. He has reduced his anti-depressant medication and is slowly working on reducing it further in pursuit of feeling more of the ups and downs in life.