Louis was happy in his retirement pursuing his avocation of painting and getting some professional respect for his work. Then on a sunny day, bicycling near his home someone doored him and down he went. For weeks he was dizzy, had headaches, saw double and couldn’t focus. He was fatigued beyond measure. He did his own research through the internet and found ATC. 13 sessions of Neurofield and 19 Channel Loreta Training later he was not only his old self, he felt surer of his memory, was back to riding his bike and pursuing his art.

Issac was living life as a normal teenage, until an accident on a diving board changed everything. After his head injury, he suffered from constant headaches/migraines, dizziness, light sensitivity, and an inability to perform daily activities. Through his own research he discovered ATC. We started treating him slowly with LENS and 4-channel Z-score training. When his energy improved, we progressed to a more targeted Loreta training in combination with Heart Rate Variability. Over the course of a year and with lots of hard work, he made tremendous progress. Headaches improved drastically, normal balance was restored, and performance in school was back on track. He was living life happily as a teenager once again.

Suzanne was an independent business woman living a full life with her beloved husband. Then a fall from horseback lead to a traumatic brain injury. The trajectory of their lives changed forever from that point on. She became an entirely different person solely dependent on those around her. Walking through the doors of ATC she shuffled painfully in, barely conscious and unaware of her surroundings. Her speech was limited greatly, as were her physical capabilities. She spent months confused, frightened, and unable to recognize familiar faces. Through the hard work of the ATC team in combination with her doctors and loving husband, progress began to appear. By the end of 30 Neurofeedback sessions, she was nearing her old self. She had come back to conscious life once again.