That Guy was highly intelligent, multi-business owning, and capable individual. Unfortunately, his past trauma history was impacting almost every aspect of his daily life. He was unable to get through the day without intense panic attacks. These would result in him spending upwards of an hour crying under his desk at work. When these issues became unbearable, he walked into the doors of ATC. With a QEEG we were able to determine the areas of his brain impacted by current panic attacks and past traumatic history. We determined that the best results for his personal story would be achieved through EMDR and tACS. The EMDR helped allow That Guy to reprocess traumatic events in a safe and effective matter. Through the used of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS), we were able to reset the Autonomic Nervous System of our patient. Traumatic flashbacks and intensive panic attacks began to disappear. He no longer experiences the anxiety that formerly ruled his life. He expresses great amounts of gratitude to Dr. Smith and the ATC team.

Paige was raised in an alcoholic family unaware of the consequences they would have on her as she grew older. Upon turning 14 depression and anxiety began to run her life. She struggled with these issues for nearly 10 years, until she found ATC. With Dr. Smith’s help, she began to peel back the layers of depression and anxiety that covered her. Underneath she found childhood trauma to be the underlying cause of most of her issues. Through much hard work with EMDR, Loreta training, and LENS, things inside Paige began to shift. Peace and happiness have returned to her young life.